Architecture + Build

Pask Architecture + Build is an end to end construction and project management service that takes you from pricing an initial concept, developing the design and tailoring it to the specific goal and budget, executing the build and handing over the home.

Everyone is a champion for your vision, and everyone has a vested interest in achieving the best outcome possible.


Construction projects involve two major parties: the architect who designs the solution; and the builder, who builds it.
Most people envisage a building project as a kind of relay race: the client hands the baton to the architect, who hands it to the builder. However, the reality is slightly different.
The relationship between architect and builder is symbiotic not sequential – builders can make a valuable contribution to design discussions preventing issues down stream. Regular dialogue between all parties – from start to finish – is essential for a smooth running project.
This is why we created Pask Architecture and Build – to offer an integrated workflow that addresses these fundamental flaws and naturally leads to better outcomes: reduced costs, time and increased quality, satisfaction, and enjoyment.
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